Anneke Granum-Kamerling from Ermelo, Holland writes travel guides for the series, teaches various languages and does translations, and designs logos, illustrations and layouts for ITTS. She is owner of Artista, where she works as an interior architect, designer and visual artist. Her specialty is functional art and social art projects, but she also gives workshops in her own studio. For Secrets of Greece she organizes and guides tours to authentic Greece. She is also course coordinator languages and art at the adult education center in Ermelo, Putten and Harderwijk and she teaches Norwegian and Greek. At the Brink in Nijkerk she teaches visual arts. This way she manages to combine her passion for languages and art.
Anneke studied tourism and later graduated in architectural design and 3D design, thesis: Scandinavian design. She has lived abroad for over 13 years, 10 years in Greece, where she worked as a destination developer and 3 years in Norway where she worked for the glassfactory Hadeland Glassverk. She has been the representative of Hadeland Glassverk in the Netherlands for more than 15 years. Before she started with Artista she has worked in the Netherlands as a gallery manager and interim director for the Foundation Studios and Gallery Leonardo da Vinci in Ermelo, a workshop and gallery for artists with disabilities. She was also one of the founders and served on the board of the Ermelo's Arts Centre (EKC).

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