17/05 - 24/05 2024

Dear Anneke and Jan,

We had a wonderful week in this fine house!
We enjoyed the surroundings, the weather was extremely good despite the forecast so we cycled a lot.
It was great.
Thank you!!!

Leen and Magda

26/04 - 03/05 2024

Dear Anneke and Jan,

Thank you for the stay in your nice holiday home and your hospitality.
A place where there is everything you need.
A wonderful week for us with nice weather and beautiful bike rides.
Maybe till next time.


Jan and Ina

20/04 - 22/04 2024

Dear Anneke and Jan,

Thank you for our stay.
Very nice and relaxed.
We enjoyed it.


Lisette and John

14/04 - 18/04/2024

Dear Anneke and Jan,

It was nice to stay in your holiday home.
Robin's Nest evoked a lot in me. The robin was my father's favorite bird. I saw him here every day on the terrace. And Robin is the name of my youngest grandchild, now 2 years old.
In a nest you come home and that's how it felt this week. I needed it and felt at home. Partly because of your visits, Anneke. I'm glad you did that and nice talking to you. Your hospitality and kindness feel warm!
I wish you all the best!

Kind regards,


09/04 -12/04 2024

Dear Anneke and Jan,

We enjoyed your lovely house!
It felt like coming home.
Too bad it was so short due to circumstances.
We will definitely come back another time.

Kind regards,

Hans and Toos

29/01 - 07/02 2024

Dear Anneke, Jan, Maren, in short dear neighbours,

For the people who come to holiday in this fine little house after me, this must sound very strange.
Yes, it is. But after selling my house across the street, I needed shelter for 10 days. I could not yet move into my new house.
And that's typical Anneke and Jan: (then you just come and live with us) Always hospitable, that's how I've known Anneke since she was 7 years old.
I won't write anything about beautiful Ermelo, because previous guests have written enough about it already.

Thank you darlings,

Neighbour Gertie

22/12 - 28/12 2023

We had a great week!
Definitely worth repeating in spring.
Thank you for your hospitality!

Walter and Marianne

05/10 - 16/10 2023

Dear Anneke and Jan,

We had a wonderful holiday in Robin's Nest.
We were very warmly welcomed by Anneke and shown around.
The cottage is clean and everything is present.
The first few days, I was recovering from a complication after an operation. This went smoothly thanks to the nice bed and recliner.
Many beautiful museums in the area, such as the Marius van Dokkum museum in Harderwijk and museum het Pakhuis in Ermelo, Paleis het Loo. We also visited the Apenheul.
Moreover, the area near Staverden estate is nice to visit and walk different routes.
We had a great time here and would love to come back again.

Kind regards,

Angela and Peter

20/09 - 03/10 2023

Dear family,

We would like to thank you very much for the friendly welcome and the help we received.
It was a pity about the sun, but no one can do anything about that.
We wish you all the best for the future.

Kind regards,

Henk and Annie

18/08 - 31/08 2023

Dear Anneke and Jan,

We cycled, walked and swam once.
No Anneke, the water was not cold at all, but then I am used to the sea.
Wonderful weather the first week, the second week was not disappointing except for one day.

Very nice holiday home, beautiful garden; we have seen two woodpeckers, a squirrel and several birds all around in the garden.

We enjoyed being here, really top-notch.
Nice to have seen the dogs and cat, should you ever need a babysitter for house and animals, I'd like to be recommended. I will stop working from December, then all the time for babysitting among other things...
Can't wait to see the paintings when you've finished them. They excude calm, all three of them, sheep humour, boar curiosity in anticipation and stag royal vigilance. With the stag I would leave the trees and background in the snow tones. I find him very soothing.

Thank you very much for this "heerlijke huisje" in this beautiful setting and your hospitality and warm welcome with a bottle of wine and the service we received to the bicycle rental.

We had a great time!

Leonore and Dick

07/08-14/08 2023

Anneke and Jan,

We had a lovely week here in Ermelo.
A nice holiday home to relax in.
Lovely cycling and walking. We enjoyed the surroundings a lot.
Thank you for your hospitality.

Hessel & Conny

And a stroke and tickle for the dogs :-)

03/08 - 06/08 2023

Dear Anneke and Jan,

Thank you for the hospitality and the nice house.
Despite the weather we had a great time!
What beautiful surroundings you have.
A place for us to remember.

All the best to you,
with kind regards,

Hans, Henny and Boeddha

14/07 - 21/07 2023

Hello Anneke and Jan,

After a hectic period it was a relief to stay in your beautiful holiday home.
The peace and quiet and beautiful nature is wonderful, it gave us enough energy to get on with it again.
Thanks for the good care and for the bottle of Rosé.


Jan and Els

09/07 - 13/07 2023

Dear Anneke and Jan,

Thank you very much for the wonderful days in Robin's Nest.
What a cosy house; fully equipped, with chairs to relax in and a great bed.
Beautiful paintings and fun to read your travel stories and guides.

Apart from some rain showers, we had lovely weather.
We cycled to Putten and Zeewolde and took the car to Elburg and Nunspeet.

Thank you very much for your hospitality and we would love to come back!

Nico and Jaqueline

01/07 - 08/07 2023

Dear Anneke and Jan,

Compliments on the cottage, which is fully equipped.
A lovely peace and quiet both during the day and at night. We slept wonderfully.
We were not able to enjoy the garden because of the weather but is a nice place to rest.
We wish you good business and will advertise you.

Gerrie and Arie

16/06 - 23/06 2023

Dear family,

We had a wonderful week!
First days resting :-) and then lots of cycling and walking.
On our return it was lovely to relax in your wonderful garden!

We wish you all the best.

Kind regards,

Peter and Nellie

05/05 - 15/05 2023

We had a great time here.
We felt right at home.
For us it was the number 1 among the 'Heerlijke Huisjes'! (www.heerlijkehuisjes.com)
You took good care of us, nothing was too much.
And of course the surroundings are wonderful too!

Thanks Anneke and Jan!

Guus and Pita

25/04 - 30/04 2023

Hello, hello,

We had very pleasant days here, although it was a bit cold.
We had a very nice walk at the Leuvenum stream, where we searched for wolf tracks and enjoyed nature.
The house lived up to its name entirely with the constantly singing robin in the garden.
And I enjoyed playing the grand piano, which was a nice plus.


Eva and Steven

07/04 - 11/04 2023

Hello Anneke and Jan,

We enjoyed the house with all the trimmings.
We went to pleasant places nearby.
We will definitely come back in the future.
Here's a little something for you.

Paco and Aniska

31/3 - 3/4 2023

What a lovely house this is.
We enjoyed the surroundings, it is really very easy to quickly get to beautiful places.
We went to the sheepfold in Ermelo (Lambing Day). It was busy but great fun.
Also, we saw stags at Nierse/Gortel.
Good food at restaurant Tante Sjaan in Vierhouten.
We made lovely walks.
We certainly hope to return one day.

Kind regards,

Martin and Conny

29/12 2022 - 01/01 2023

For the second time, we had a super nice stay at Robin's Nest.
Because of the time of year, we were surprised with 'oliebollen' and a bottle of bubbles. (Really nice!)
Despite the bad weather, we did not get bored for a moment. We had a nice day in the sauna, ate delicious food at the 'Dorpskamer' and enjoyed the cottage and surroundings.
Once again Anneke and Jan, thank you very much. Perhaps you will see us again for a third time.

Gerhard, Carla and dog Rossi

Christmas 2022

Thank you very much for a cozy Christmas with my family!!!
I will miss you!

Big hug from Mimi (Grete)

10/11 - 14/11 2022

Lovely holiday home in beautiful surroundings.
We enjoyed ourselves!
Thanks for the hospitality, bottle of wine and treat on Sunday.

Kind regards,
Robert and Margriet

26/10 - 31/10 2022

We enjoyed the Veluwe in special weather conditions (approx. 22 °C)!
Beautiful fall colours!

Oant sjen,

Kees and Alie

21/10 - 24/10 2022

Dear Anneke and Jan,

We enjoyed your house.
Fully furnished, beautiful paintings, and even a grand piano.

We enjoyed the beautiful walking and cycling environment.

Thank you for your hospitality and the bottle of wine.
We will definitely come back.

Kind regards,

Wilfried and José

11/09 - 16/09 2022

Dear Anneke and Jan,

Thank you very much for your hospitality in the cosy nest.
We enjoyed the cosy house, felt right at home.
Fortunately, we had beautiful weather this week and saw a lot in the beautiful surroundings.
We wish you lots of luck and love and maybe see you next time.


Wil, Lily and Spikey

PS Thanks for the nice bottle of wine.

02/09 - 07/09 2022

Jan and Anneke,

For the 2nd time in your nice house and it was great again.
Complete interior, great weather, and wonderful cycling environment.
Warm welcome and helpful owners!
Thank you very much for this great time and who knows, see you next year.

Bert and Netty

20/07 - 27/07 2022

Jan and Anneke,

We have stayed at Robin's Nest for the 2nd time this year and that is for good reason.
In one word great!
Robin's Nest is situated in a great area where you - as a walker - can go in many directions. And every time after the walk back to Robin's Nest for a delicious drink on the terrace.
We write about our walking tours on our website: www.ansenhenkonadventure.nl (in Dutch). You could have a look to see if there is a nice walking tour for you.

Anneke and Jan, until next time!

Ans and Henk

Travelogue (Dutch)

04/06 - 18/06 2022

On the edge of the village in a residential area and yet you imagine yourself in the countryside because of the birdsong around you. A pleasant surprise!

We explored the area by bicycle.
How nice is it to "have to" stop during such a bike ride because a fairly large flock of sheep needs the bike path for a while. It offers the possibility of a conversation with the shepherd.

We enjoyed ourselves.
Thanks for the hospitality!

Fennie and Hans

23/05 - 27/05 2022

Dear Anneke and Jan,

Everything was fine.
We had a good time here.
The cottage was nice, the surroundings were beautiful, and the wine was delicious.
What more could you wish for?

Thanks for everything,

Nel and Cor

09/05 - 13/05 2022

The preparation for our bike ride along the Danube went well.
We cycled many kilometres from Robin's Nest.
Nice weather, quiet bike paths, and a great house to return to every evening.

Thank you very much for the hospitality and the pleasant stay!

Jan and Sjany

11/04 - 14/04 2022

Dear Jan and Anneke,

A lovely house in a beautiful setting!
I enjoyed it until the very last moment.
As for the weather, all extremes passed by but here it was fine.

Thank you for the hospitality!

Kind regards,


23/03 - 27/03 2022

Dear Anneke and Jan,

Thanks for the wonderful stay.
Nice to have such a large garden, with many birds.
For the most, we cycled a lot - forest, heath, Staverden.
And our grandson of 2 spent a morning on the trails.

Eiko & Jeanet

21/01-24/01 2022

The house we are in, Robin's Nest, is about 55m2 in size. That's less than we're used to, but that doesn't mean it isn't cosy. The major advantages of this house are its location (in a district of Ermelo with houses on large plots). Until recently, this house was a sheltered home for the parents, so that the children are there for them. The house is now used as a holiday home. Another plus is a complete inventory of the kitchen and for Henk as a hobby chef this is great. The mattresses were also of good quality. Then of course a good TV with Netflix option and a large garden where you can relax in good weather. A nice plus was that there was a grand piano. We already knew that and, yes, something had to be done with it this weekend. That became Henk's own composition with a text that we made together. A small minus is the heating, you could not regulate it yourself. But an app to the owner and the heating was turned up, there is a solution for everything.
Leuvenum Forrest
Ermelose heath
Forrest, Ermelo

Saturday January 22nd, we went for a walk in the Leuvenum Forest, which is 837 hectares in size. The feeling of finally putting our walking shoes back on was indescribably nice. The forest was still fairly barren of course, but there was plenty to see anyway and what we had never seen before was a small herd of galloping red deer running past us on a short distance.
Sunday January 23rd, we went out again. We put on our walking shoes and went through the forest towards the Ermelosche Heath. On the heath we came across a herd of sheep (ewes) with a shepherd who managed to drive the sheep well with his dog. Via the edge of the heath towards the "Sheepfold". The pregnant sheep were inside, and the rest was outside. Fortunately, there was an annex where they offered "coffee to go" and we enjoyed a hot chocolate. There were swampy areas in the forest, and we already saw it, a lot of "boar spots".
With "happy hour" we were back at the house Robin's Nest. While enjoying a drink we looked back on these great days. We decided to go back to this amazing place, but for a longer period. That was a bit of a challenge because we still have 6 (walking) holidays to go. We succeeded, in consultation with the owner we were able to make a booking from July 20-27 and our 7th (walking) holiday is a fact. Amazing, right?

Read the whole story here.

Ans and Henk and Snowy

11/11 - 05/12 2021

Dear Anneke and family,

It was wonderful to be in a different rhythm and in a different space all this time (> 3 weeks), to feel the creative blood flowing and to hear the full autumn dress fall steadily around me, while I was on my way on foot or by folding bicycle. In the lanes around the house, you already can fully enjoy peace and trees, and the big forest is nearby. Everything is so up for grabs.
Robin's Nest itself is bright, easily heated and tastefully decorated. Everything is there for a comfortably long stay. And - not in the least - your helpfulness and friendliness bring the "fine touch" to the whole!

Sincerely, wishing you a warm December,


guestbook May robin

guestbook May painting

05/11 - 08/11 2021

Dear Anneke and Jan,

The pleasant house, nice place to stay, the tranquillity and the beautiful nature around us, made that we had a wonderful weekend.

Kind regards,

Ronald and Angela

29/10 - 01/11 2021

For Anneke and Jan,

Despite the weather we had a wonderful weekend.
- Friday afternoon, we cycled 13 km through sun-drenched forests.
- Saturday, we walked for 3 hours dressed in rain suits with umbrellas. Saw a lot of mushrooms.
- Sunday, 35 dry kms Ermelo, Putten, Garderen.

Very hospitable that we could park our e-bikes dry in the carport, including charging. Thanks!

The repetition: lovely house, nice coming home, very good beds, complete kitchen.

What says: Many thanks. We'd love to come back!


Ada and André

P.S. Thank you for the wine.

11/09 - 18/09 2021

Hi Jan and Anneke,

The week has flown by.
We had a wonderful time in this lovely house.
Silke, our beagle, could enjoy himself in the enclosed garden.
Thanks for the bottle of wine and we hope you enjoyed the "Fryske sûkerbole".

Warm regards from
Hylke and Ge
and a paw from Silke.

guestbook heart

06/09 - 10/09 2021

Dear Jan and Anneke,

It was a wonderful stay in your beautiful house.
We were welcomed very hospitably and with a nice bottle of wine.
Nice environment here.
We enjoyed it very much.
The house is perfect.
Super clean and complete, and nice beds.
Good luck with the rental of your marvellous house.

Kind regards,

Jos and José and dog Woezel

25/08 - 01/09 2021

We spent a wonderful week in Robin's Nest, partly thanks to the hospitality of Anneke and Jan.
We already gained many impressions of the Veluwe in the past, but have discovered many new things, because this region surprises you continuously.
We recharged our batteries.
Anneke and Jan; thank you so much for everything!
We wish you much success for the future.

Alie & Wim

02/08 - 08/08 2021

Thank you very much for a very nice stay!
We really enjoyed it!

Big hug from Aleksander and Grete

23/07 - 30/07 2021

Dear Jan and Anneke,

It was wonderful to stay in your home in Ermelo.
We didn't really need to go outside, because there was a lot to do in and around the house: nice books, a beautiful garden, not to mention the piano!

We thought the area was beautiful!
We enjoyed it very much.

Thank you for letting us stay in your beautiful house.

Under the watching gaze of many sheep's eyes...  :-)

Kind regards,

Henk and Alice

10/07 - 16/07 2021

We just needed your nest.


Jos and Tine

guestbook robin

(Made with makeup.)

02/07 - 07/07 2021

Dear Anneke and Jan,

You have a nice house and good beds.
Of course, we enjoyed the environment.
Welcoming reception from both of you, with a bottle of wine.

Kind regards,

Hans and Coby

24/06 - 29/06 2021

Dear Anneke and Jan,

What a beautiful, fully furnished house you have!!
We enjoyed the bike rides, brunch at the picnic table, and last but not least, the wonderful beds!
We had a great time, and we will definitely come back.
Thank you for your kindness and hospitality!!

Bert and Netty

11/06 - 24/06 2021

Dear Anneke, Jan, and children,

We were allowed to be your guests for two weeks and we enjoyed it.
The cottage has everything you could possibly need / want to have. No comment or remark at all.
Also, about your "reaction speed", Anneke; you respond immediately to my apps. Great :-)
Have we been bothered by you, as you asked several times? Not at all.
To be fair, the promised silence was not the silence I expected, but that is due to the traffic and the diversion elsewhere. That is the only minus during our stay. And maybe bad luck because of the diversion.
We wonderfully explored the area (especially nature). We have seen many bird species in various heathland areas, forests, and Oostvaardersplassen (grass warbler, common linnet, Western marsh harrier, white-tailed eagle, European stonechat, jay, magpie, song thrush, Eurasian blackcap, white wagtail, various tits, etc.). Too many to mention them all.

guestbook European stonechat

European Stonechat

It was definitely nice, that's for sure.
Thank you for your hospitality and have fun with the continuation of the rental of this beauty.


Teja & Annemiek
(and Konnie & Kwitnie)

25/05 - 28/05 2021

What a nice house you have, wonderfully quiet and very well cared for.
Highly recommended!
We will definitely come back.

Tim and Ina

12/05 - 17/05 2021

Our week in Ibiza was cancelled due to negative travel advice, so we booked Robin's Nest for the Ascension weekend.
Not a bad choice at all.
We had a great time, and all ingredients were present for a pleasant stay.
Cycling, shopping, terraces, walking, and in the evening a Netflix movie, wonderful!
Also, on our behalf compliments for the very clean house and warm welcome.

Thanks a lot!

Gerhard and Carla

08/05 - 11/05 2021

We enjoyed ourselves in this beautiful walking and cycling environment.
Thank you for the warm welcome and good care!
Unfortunately, neither I nor Gerard can play the piano, but we did sing karaoke (after a newspaper article), for the first time... - so we were musically challenged anyway :-)


Gerard and Marjo

05/05 - 08/05 2021

Beautiful environment! Robin's Nest is a nice place to discover the Veluwe.
We walked and cycled and saw a large herd of deer as bonus. A great experience!
Ermelo and Harderwijk are nice places. Tomorrow we'll visit Elburg.
We had 3 wonderful days here.
Jan and Anneke, thank you for your welcome with an "Ermeloërtje" and a bottle of wine.
Maybe see you another time!

Anita and Astrid

27/04 - 03/05 2021

Despite the weather was not too good, we had a wonderful time here.
We cycled and walked a lot in the surrounding woods of Ermelo.
Harderwijk is nice to explore by bike or on foot.
Of course, we sat on a terrace again. At Staverden Estate you have plenty to see from the spacious terrace.

Thank you for your hospitality. The cake, pastry, and bottle of wine were delicious!

Hans and Sonja

24/04 - 26/04 2021

What a wonderful holiday home is Robin's Nest.
We enjoyed the area and made beautiful trips by bicycle.
Nice to see the Veluwe in spring.

Thank you very much for your hospitable reception and the delicious bottle of wine.


Michel & Caren

09/04 - 16/04 2021

Nice to be able to stay here.
A good bottle of wine as a welcome gesture!
We have really enjoyed nature by many walks in the vicinity.
Our dog Buck did not get tired of it!
In the morning we woke up by beautiful birdsong.

Thank you for your hospitality. Despite Corona time, we had a good stay here.

Arie & Marja
and our Buck

02/04 - 06/04 2021

What a peace! Marvellous!
We had nice walks in the Veluwe and enjoyed the birds.

The holiday house felt very homely, and the beds are wonderful.
Unfortunately, we don't drink wine, but that didn't spoil the fun.

We enjoyed ourselves and we are fully recharged.

Jolanda and Ed

26/03 - 29/03 2021

We had a fantastic weekend in this residential / holiday house. It was extremely clean, nicely decorated and equipped with every comfort. A friendly welcome from the owner with a clear explanation of how things work. In addition, a delicious bottle of wine. To be repeated!


23/03 - 26/03 2021

Robin's Nest is a wonderful house to stay.
Thank you for the nice bottle of wine.

We also enjoyed the beautiful Ermelose Heide and the Hulshorsterzand.
Robin's Nest is a great base for shorter walks as well.

Just like previous 'residents', we thank you for your hospitality.


Cees and Vera

13/03 - 16/03 2021

What a surprise! Being welcomed with a bottle of wine. That's hospitality...
The next surprise was a pastry. A specialty from Ermelo for my birthday (super tasty!).
Thank you for this nice gesture.

The holiday home is completely and comfortably furnished.
Despite the less beautiful weather, we went for nice walks and enjoyed the beautiful nature.

Too bad it was such a short stay, but that's a reason to come back.

Hope to see you soon and good luck with the rental.

Yvonne and Johan

05/03- 08/03 2021

Hello Anneke, Jan, Dennis, and Maren,

Glad we could celebrate my birthday in Robin's Nest.
For 3 days we felt at home here and we have been looking around in the area where I grew up.

Thank you for your hospitality and greetings from your colleague Michael and Diny

27/02 - 01/03 2021

We had a great time in Robin's Nest.
And we do not rule out that we will come back when the temperature is higher, and the trees are green.
The surroundings were a pleasant surprise, including the old town of Harderwijk, the beautiful district in which you live, and the Veluwe near Leuvenum.

Kind regards,

Eveline & Hans

23/02 - 26/02 2021

Just a few days away!
We enjoyed the beautiful surroundings, the nice weather, the nice house, not to mention the hospitality!

Despite the lock-down, we had a great time!


Jaap & Wilma

17/02 - 20/02 2021

What a lovely house in the woods.
Waking up in the morning with the birds chirping.

I enjoyed playing the piano. It has a beautiful warm sound; although it does need some maintenance, I must say.

Beautiful environment in which I had some nice walks.

Thank you for your hospitality!


04/02 - 12/02 2021

How lucky have we been.
A lot of snow and plenty of sun.
A great alternative to the actually planned winter sports holiday in Austria.
With some luck we had an all right journey, last Monday from Zierikzee, after which the snowfall turned into sunshine.
We ploughed through the snow for kilometres in the forest of Leuvenum and afterwards we rested wonderfully in your beautiful holiday home.
Marvellous - that piano!

Thank you so much!

Ineke and Aad

01/02 - 05/02/2021

Dear Anneke and Jan,

Glad we could stay in Robin's Nest for a midweek! Wonderfully quiet and beautiful forest nearby - just what we could use for a while. Despite the rain we had some very nice walks.

Thanks for the hospitality and the beautiful house :-)


Lotte and Wouter

11/11 - 15/11 2020

Dear Anneke and Jan,

We enjoyed!
Nice and well-furnished house; fully equipped.
The area is beautiful for cycling and walking.

See you next time!

Wilgard and Tine

05/11 - 11/11 2020

Dear Anneke and Jan,

What a wonderful house!
Nice stuff, music, comfortable, in short; warm!
That was the weather outside too.
Beautiful autumn days, plenty of sun.
We enjoyed ourselves. We felt at home!


Ardy and Jan

17/10 - 24/10 2020

Dear Anneke & Jan,

After a difficult start with a broken battery when we drove to Robin's Nest, we arrived later than expected, but we were very pleasantly surprised by a warm welcome with a bottle of wine and a beautiful, fully furnished house in the middle of the green.
How nice that this former care home has been given this hospitable destination, so that many can/may enjoy it.
For us, Elburg with a visit to sand stories, Hattum, Spakenburg and the old town of Harderwijk were real highlights, as well as Staverden Castle.
Nature was at its best in fall dress, so we walked for hours with our dog in the free-walking areas in the area.
The atmosphere of the house, the homely interior with real plants and CD collection, wonderful beds and a nice shower have made our holiday perfect!

Thanks a lot, and see you soon!!

Pieter, Miranda and dog Stoere

08/10 - 14/10 2020

Had a wonderful time here.
Great house, easy to walk to the village.
We have had a few days of wonderful cycling in the beautiful surroundings.
Fortunately, we had almost no rain.
We also took walks and saw a steam train passing by!

Greetings from Rob and Anneke.

18/9 - 25/9 2020

Hello Anneke and Jan,

Very exciting for us; how will the house be?
It's beautiful here, inside and out.
Tall trees, lots of greenery, with lots of bird sounds.
Cycled a lot, made many trips from the past (camping "Drie").
The weather was also beautiful for seven days.

Many thanks, good luck for the future.

Adrie and Lien

11/09 - 18/09 2020

Hello Anneke and Jan,

We enjoyed a great week in your beautiful holiday home with a lovely, green, bird-rich garden.
We made many walks, including from the "Schaapskooi". The Speuld clog path was beautiful, just not intended for dogs (we only found out later).
During the walk we saw parachutists jump on the heath.
We also visited the dog beach in Harderwijk, beautifully landscaped, including park and playground.
And Bowie has also regularly visited your dogs.
Thank you for your hospitality.

Paul, Marja and dog Bowie

5/9 - 11/9 2020

Dear Anneke and Jan,

A nice place in a beautiful, varied environment.
We cycled quite a few miles here and enjoyed it.
Your welcoming is very hospitable and warm. We felt very welcome.
Unexpectedly having a glass of wine together and spontaneously enjoying the Greek pie, partly baked by Maren, we enjoyed very much.
The bed is wonderful, better than at home and the house is fully equipped.
The tip of the Marius van Dokkum museum; fun! The last evening, we ate in Restaurant van Sprang; recommended! Wonderful tastings.
Thanks for the good time and we hope that many guests will enjoy their stay at your Robin's Nest.

Kind regards,

Gino and Marjolein

31/8 - 3/9 2020

What a beautiful place to stay.
A lovely house with a good bed.
We enjoyed the forest and the moor.
We will definitely come back.
Thank you very much for the hospitality.


Joke and Peter Pronk

15/8 - 21/8 2020

"Welcome to our holiday home Robin's Nest"

We have felt more than welcome!!!
It was a wonderful week.


Anneke and Henk

10/8 - 14/8 2020

Dear Anneke and Jan,

Thank you for your warm welcome and helpfulness.
We had a pleasant stay despite the heat.
They were very relaxed days!
Also compliments for the beautiful art with which the house has been graced.
Good luck with everything and again; Thanks!

André and Mea van Lierop

7/8 - 10/8 2020

The 4th guests!

We had a very nice weekend, and Bumper (the dog) also really enjoyed the dog beaches in the area.

All 3 of us were very hospitably welcomed by Anneke and Jan.
We have nothing to complain about!!

And the house is fine, even with 34 degrees outside. Just keep everything closed to keep it cool.
Truly a recommendation for other people, including dogs!


Michiel, Geanne, Bumper

31/7 - 7/8 2020

So, we were the 3rd guests to arrive on a warm Friday afternoon.
A nice arrival time by the way: 13.30 hrs, this way you can still do something the same afternoon!
We were welcomed very friendly by Anneke and Jan, who showed us around.
They immediately asked us, in case we missed something to report it, so they could resolve it.
And indeed... The missing clock and tea glasses were quickly delivered!
We had to get used to the very open bathroom (shower/toilet...). If one of the two has to go to the toilet at night, you don't really want to because you don't want to wake up the sleeping husband...
We really liked the Tempur mattresses. Early light in the bedroom due to the lack of blackout curtains.
We had very good weather for a week and travelled many kilometres every day in this beautiful area  on rented E-bikes (in Putten). In Ermelo they were all gone, that's why we rented in Putten.
Obviously, we made many cycle tours through the beautiful nature here, the Leuvenum Forest, Castle Staverden (beautiful), Castle Oldenaller (very quiet there) and near Putten; Schovenhorst Estate, where we climbed the high forest tower; once above you have a beautiful panoramic view (entrance tickets 4 euros p.p. - can be paid by pin).
We also cycled to Nature Park Lelystad (1.5 hours through the windy Flevopolder). A large nature reserve with a lot of animals. Such as Wisents, Father Davids deer, Prezwalski horses, deer, etc.
Furthermore, thrifshop Zaak van Ermelo is a great thrift store. And after that we went to the nearby heather again.
Eating out at the Greek restaurant Acropolis. Yammie!
We have looked with admiration at the incredibly beautiful, creative, artistic art objects and paintings that Anneke makes.
Anneke and Jan are very hospitable, helpful, accessible people and they also have a nice chat in between.
We think Robin's Nest is a good place to remember and pass on. :-)
Eating in restaurant De Dorpskamer is also recommended (at least the lunch was delicious).
Speulder Forest and Sprielder Forest are also great for cycling/walking. There is a chance of seeing boars!
We left Robin's Nest on another tropical day. But fortunately, it stays pretty cool in the house (keep blinds closed).

Dear Anneke, Jan, and children,
We wish you much more rental pleasure (with enthusiastic guests).

Dear greetings,

Ron and Coby
and cat queenie
guestbook Ron and Coby

26/7 - 30/7 2020

The second guests also had a great time here!
Warm welcome and nice chats! Good luck with everything!


Anja, Christoph & Ito

20/7 - 24/7 2020

Dear Anneke and Jan,

What an honour that we were your first guests!
We really enjoyed our stay. The house is fully equipped. And if that was not the case (teaspoons!), it was immediately solved.
We hope your next guests will have a good time as well, they certainly will with such a friendly hostess :-)


Nellie and Susanne