Game screens

You considerably increase the chance of a meeting with game in the Veluwe by making use of the game screens that Staatsbosbeheer (Dutch forest management) has set up in various places. You have the best chance early in the morning or at dusk. The closest game screens can be found near "de Laak" between Ermelo and Putten, coordinates: 52.24180 -5.68164. For more information look here.

Spot 'the big 5' of the Veluwe

In the woods near Vierhouten you will find the "Wildarena Hemellootjes". A place that has everything to see wildlife, a game field, shelter, space and tranquility. From this wildlife observation post you have a breath-taking view of an open space with a water feature where red deer, wild boar, mouflon, roe deer and fallow deer like to show themselves. The game arena can only be visited under the guidance of a guide from Staatsbosbeheer. Book in advance. For more information look here.