Oud Groevenbeek Estate

Putterweg 230
3851 VG Ermelo
Tel.: +31(0)88-2848365 (Natuurmonumenten)

Oud Groevenbeek Estate is a nice area for walking, cycling and at the same time enjoying the beautiful nature! In the centre of the estate lies the beautiful villa. There is also a variety of forests with beautiful sight axes, a water tower, a grape greenhouse, plots of chopping wood and agricultural land. Delicious wine is still bottled in the grape greenhouse. Black and green woodpecker, buzzard, and hawk breed in the area. There is also an information centre / teahouse.

Staverden Castle

Uddelermeerweg 2
3852 NT Ermelo
Tel.: +31(0)85-4864000

Staverden is known for its shiny white castle, with a canal and beautiful castle garden. You can go hiking and admire the white peacocks. There is a lot to do in the visitor centre / landscape shop Staverden, such as 'milking cows' and interactive computer programs. On the upper floor you can watch a short film about the estate. In the landscape shop you can pick out souvenirs and buy delicious regional products. On cold days you can relax with a warm drink by the wood stove and on hot days ice is available. You can also enjoy a meal or drink in the cosy brasserie.

Leuvenum Estate

Jhr. Dr. C.J. Sandbergweg 60
3852 PN Ermelo

The Leuvenum Estate and the near surrounding area are private grounds and not open to the public, but the further surrounding 837-hectare Leuvenum Forest with the Leuvenum Stream lends itself to beautiful walks.

Oldenaller Castle

Oldenallerallee 5
3882 RW Putten

The Oldenaller Castle is a splendor of an estate in Putten. Stately avenues, a 17th century castle and old forests let you take a step back in time. And the variety in the landscape makes it wonderful for walking or cycling along the heath, forest, streams, wooded banks, and farmland. The castle forest of the estate has been the breeding ground of a heron colony for a long time. Great blue herons' nest high in trees. Arriving from the Zuiderzee coast, this used to be the first high forest that the blue herons encountered on their flight.

Schovenhorst Estate

Garderenseweg 93
3881 GK Putten
Tel.: +31(0)341-351207

Schovenhorst Estate comprises five tree gardens or arboreta: Little Pinetum, Large Pinetum, Josina Park, Arboretum and Three Continents Forest. The collection was built from 1848 and, by Dutch standards, has large trees as high as 30-40 m. There is also a 40 m high forest tower. After climbing the 235 steps, you will be rewarded with a phenomenal view. With the forest below you look out over Amersfoort, the Veluwe and the windmills in the polder. There is also plenty to do in the tower itself: a wall with nest boxes and a chilling climbing net. The estate is freely accessible between sunrise and sunset. The forest tower is open daily from 10.00 to 17.15. More information on the website.