Windmill De Koe Ermelo

Molenaarsplein 26
3851 MZ Ermelo

If the miller is present, the mill is running. A guide is available on several days and you can view the mill. The guide will show you the beautiful technique of the mill and will be happy to tell you more. Check the website for opening hours.

Windmill De Hoop Harderwijk

Havendijk 9
3846 AC Harderwijk
Tel.: +31(0)341-429153 (during opening hours)

With the help of the wind and the many volunteers, the blades of this authentic scaffolding mill from 1776 have been running for many years. The mill, mill shop, and the Bakery Museum are open to the public every week. Opening hours on the website.

Windmill 't Hert Putten

Halvinkhuizerweg 1
3882 BE Putten
Tel.: +31(0)6-55132320 (after 17.00)

The mill is a flour mill of the scaffolding type with a stone substructure and a wooden, thatched roof superstructure. As a rule, the mill runs every Saturday from 10.00 to 16.00. Next to the mill is a shop, where flour is sold, among other things.

Windmill De Hoop Garderen

Oud Milligenseweg 7
3886 MB Garderen
Tel.: +31(0)577-461566 (Tourist Office Garderen)

This mill can be visited on Thursdays and Saturdays. The miller leads you around and tells about the history and the working of the mill, and of course you buy a bag of pancake flour! Opening hours on the website.

Water mill Staverden

Staverdenseweg 283
3851 NV Ermelo
Tel.: +31(0)577-407335 (Visitor centre Staverden)

The water mill in Staverden has a very long history. The oldest mention dates from 1295. The mill was used to grind corn and paper, and served faithfully until 1924. Along the Staverdense Beek, later on called Leuvenumse Beek and as Hierdense Beek flows into the Veluwe Lake, there were more water mills like this. In the 18th century the stream powered 6 water mills. The stream was fed by a dug hole, where the groundwater came up and the stream was maintained via an artificially lead watercourse, so that at the water mills the decline of the water was as large as possible.