Museum Het Pakhuis

Molenaarsplein 24
3851 MZ Ermelo
Tel: +31(0)341-760777

In this Archaeological and Natural History Museum you can go on an expedition through the distant past of Ermelo. There are flints, shards, and bones of mammoths that you can view, feel and smell. There is also an exhibition about the prehistoric burial mounds that can be found in and around Ermelo. The burial mounds and their archaeological treasures tell us about the life, customs, and rituals of our prehistoric ancestors. There are still 800 to be seen across the Veluwe; that's one burial mound per square kilometre! The highest concentration is around Ermelo. Look for prices and opening hours on the website.

Museum Documentation Centre Parkzicht

Landgoed Veldwijk 75
3853 LC Ermelo
Tel.: +31(0)341-566911

Museum Documentation Centre Parkzicht provides a picture of the history of psychiatry in general and in particular of the old Psychiatric Hospital Veldwijk. There is always a permanent collection on display and there are also temporary exhibitions. Wednesday: 14.00 – 16.00. Just to be sure call in advance.

National Blind Museum

Paul Krugerweg 39
3851 ZH Ermelo
Tel.: +31(0)33-2464374

You step into another universe at the National Blind Museum in Ermelo. The collection is housed in a room of the Christian Blind Library. All objects seem to be arranged in a rather messy way, but that appears to be part of this museum. The decoration of the museum is a logical consequence of the fact that the staff is blind. Three helpful employees provide the tour. Everything by touch! You name the attributes that are in the cabinets and then the staff explains. The attendants grab machines, games and Braille books and show how everything works. With this customized tour you can experience what the world of the blind is like. Can only be visited by appointment.

Museum Farm De Mariahoeve

Kiefveldersteeg 11
3882 RG Putten
Tel.: +31(0)6-30234032

Museum farm De Mariahoeve is a small open-air museum that shows past life on a typical Veluwe farm. Complete with vegetable garden, orchard, tubers field and toad pond. What makes Mariahoeve unique is that 'everything' is still there, just as Maria left it. The furniture is still in place, clothes and linen are in the cupboards, and in the basement, there are still the filled preserve bottles. Look for prices and opening hours on the website.

Museum De Tien Malen

Garderenseweg 97
3881 NC Putten
Tel.: +31(0)341-355181 (during opening hours)

Small historical museum with a permanent collection about the history of Putten and old crafts. There are also changing exhibitions. Opening times and entrance fees on the website.

De Vischpoort, Harderwijk

Vischmarkt 1
3841 BE Harderwijk
Tel.: +31(0)341-426847

Archaeological association Herderwich regularly opens the doors of the "Vischpoort" to the public. A unique opportunity to visit the ancient gateway to the fishermen's town of Harderwijk. You are very welcome to come and look. Check the website for opening hours.

City Museum Harderwijk

Donkerstraat 4
3841 CC Harderwijk
Tel.: +31(0)341-414468

Including a presentation of the City History. In addition, there are temporary exhibitions in the field of art, history or a current theme. The ground floor with exhibition space, museum shop, university room, garden room and the Culture Cafe with terrace is free of charge. You will find opening hours and admission fees on the website.

Marius van Dokkum Museum

Academiestraat 7
3841 ES Harderwijk
Tel.: +31(0)341-414468

This museum is located in one of the most beautiful buildings of Harderwijk, the former Cutting Room of the University of Harderwijk. Many of Van Dokkum's paintings contain mild social criticism. But Marius van Dokkum is averse to cynicism, he wants to hold a (distorting laugh) mirror to the audience. And that works! Prices and opening hours are on the website.

Sand Sculptures

Oude Barnevelderweg 5
3886 PT Garderen
Tel.: +31(0)577-462472

You can go to the Sculpture Garden in Garderen for the special event the Veluwe Sand Sculpture Festival. Every year there is an exhibition of artful sand sculptures based on a theme. In addition, there is a self-service restaurant "Saloon de Preverij" and a Lunchroom "De Rozentuin".