Blueberry nursery De Pollekamp

Watervalweg 98
3851 VD Ermelo
Tel.: +31(0)341-352027 (during opening hours)

Blueberry nursery De Pollekamp is a horticultural company where they specialize in the cultivation of blueberries. The berry fields, along with wooded banks, forest edges and lanes, are spread over a park-like terrain. There is a cosy blueberry pavilion at the nursery where you can go for the pick-your-own blueberry harvest in July and August. Nice to eat pure, but also to make delicious jam or juice. In the blueberry pavilion are also all kinds of (local) products for sale in which the berries are processed, such as jam, juice, tea, beer, wine, berries on brandy, honey, etc. On the terrace at the store, right next to a blue berry field, you can enjoy coffee, tea, lemonade, ice cream or, for example, pure berry juice. Opening hours on the website.

Burg Beer Brewery

Putterweg 45
3851 GB Ermelo
Tel.: +31(0)341-564934

Unique Ermelo's beer and a store with over 3,000 different beers from all over the world. Guided tours are given regularly at the brewery. For more information, visit the website.

Vineyard Telgt

Telgterweg 221
3853 EG Ermelo
Tel.: +31(0)6-15451247 (Hennie), +31(0)6-22011964 (Jan)

In Ermelo is "Wijngaard Telgt", a vineyard that was founded in May 2006 by Jan and Hennie van den Ham. Walk along the hundreds of vines and learn all about the types of grapes that have been planted. Make an appointment to visit this Veluwe vineyard. Jan and Hennie give tours. During such a tour you also get the chance to taste a real Veluwe wine.

Bonbon Atelier

Stationsstraat 133
3851 ND Ermelo
Tel.: +31(0)341-553286

Chocolate, bonbons... who doesn't like it? This bonbon workshop offers the possibility for groups to come and make their own bonbons under expert guidance. Of course you will not go home empty-handed... Every workshop starts with a cup of coffee or tea and a sweet treat. Then you start to work. After a short explanation about chocolate and the concept "Proeverij de Ontmoeting" you will make and decorate a chocolate slice and make delicious bonbons. More information on the website.