Walking routes

For walking routes in the surroundings of Ermelo look here.
Walking routes are also available at the Tourist Office.

Roman March Camp

One of the many hiking trails leads to the Roman march camp on the heath of Ermelo. The Roman march camp near Ermelo is the only Roman march camp found in the Netherlands. Excavations have shown that the army of Marcus Aurelius in the year 170 AD. has stored a camp here on the heath for a few days. It was a march camp that was set up in a matter of hours and served as a place to spend the night. Then the Romans moved on. The camp consisted of a terrain of approximately 250 by 350 meters with a wall around and a canal along it. The route starts at the sheepfold and is indicated by means of posts with an image of a Roman on it.

Nature guide Henk Dik

Jhr. Dr. C.J. Sandbergweg 67 (Restaurant De Zwarte Boer)
3852 PT Ermelo
Tel.: +31(0)06-17282462

The best way to explore Ermelo's nature is to go on tour with a guide. No map or posts that you should pay attention to, but just blending into the environment without any worries. Walking with a guide stimulates inquisitiveness, it is suitable for all ages and encourages people to be increasingly open to the environment and nature. A forest is not just a bunch of trees, but a collage of various landscapes, interspersed with, for example, heaths, streams, and hamlets. A guide points out, among other things, traces, and behaviour of animals that you do not get to see so easily when walking on your own.